Thursday, June 26, 2008

A suit, of sorts.

I came across this dress at Antique Dress back in March, which only goes to show how long it took me to get around to creating a blog. The dress is listed as circa 1904, in wool, angora, and velvet.

In any case, I love it and at some point (after the to-be green dress), I'm going to recreate it. The only thing I may change is the floral design, or rather the method of floral design. Maybe. I have this current fascination with ribbon embroidery; at some point I'll actually try it, and probably ditch the obsession. Also, I have this desire to use up existing cloth in my stash, so I may have to change the color. I currently have a pale green wool, that's supposed to be for a suit anyways, and a purple wool, that was supposed to be for a cloak. On the other hand, they're both fairly thin wools, and this outfit may need a fabric with more structure.

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