Monday, June 30, 2008

Back Embellishment

I feel like I'm alternating between older items I've come across, and more recent items. This probably won't continue for much longer, and if I don't go on an internet hiatus I'll have to work on seeking out more items of interest. In any case, I mentioned a couple posts back that I've been working on clothing with embellishment on the back recently. Bonzie of Designs by Bonzie, an Independent Fashion Label posted a plum jacket she created a while back. I was really taken with the fleur de lis design on the back. I generally avoid symmetry, simply because I don't want to worry about having the two halves match; I'm just lazy that way. Bonzie also has an etsy shop with another jacket featuring embellishment on the back.

Also posted a while back, apparently a long while back, by La Carmina was a feature on Lacrima and its Wa Lolita apparel. Wa Lolita is hybrid style of traditional Japanese and Lolita. I think the combination of the two styles is amazing, but La Carmina's post notes that the style isn't as popular as the more traditional Lolita styles. (The dress displayed in La Carmina's original post.) Lacrima's site might be a little challenging to navigate, but the images are worth it.

Ending on a random anecdote, I was viewing housing the other day and the saleslady commented on my skirt, and how rare it is these days to see someone in a long skirt. I was somewhat amused. I've got a couple short (knee length) skirts that I rarely wear, because my legs are scary white and I can't tan (I just burn). So, I wear long skirts, pretty much every day unless I'm using my bike to travel (in which case I have a dedicated grease stained pair of pants). My cousin-in-law was actually surprised to see me in a pair of pants when I had lunch with them. Oddly enough, I only have about six of these long skirts, and somehow I manage to run out of coordinating tops fairly regularly. I guess most of my skirts have similar color tones. I do have plans, and fabric, to make another three or so long skirts. Two of the fabrics at least, should add a much needed change of hue. I may need to make tops that match however.

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