Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Burda Fashion History

Burda has a series of images of past Burda styles, titled Fashion History. There's around 60 images over the two sets they currently have available. I went through and selected out my favorites, listed below.

From the 1966 group:
I wasn't much of a fan of this group of images; I can't see these styles of dresses fitting on me well. In this sleek black dress, I like the lace sleeves with the lace ruffles on the wrists and the lace ruffle along the collar. In this empire line dress, I thought the bust gathers (pleats?) were interesting, especially how they come out of the lower seam.

From the 1956/1957 group:
These three jackets are bit different from modern day jackets, and they have a fitted waist: a set of double pockets, a corded collar and double-breasted front, and a lace overlay. The last had a caption describing a cream colored lace over taffeta, which could come off too frilly but could also be really elegant.

I also found several interesting skirts. This red dress has some odd pleating on the skirt; a little bizarre, but still interesting. This green dress has all the pleating bunched together at the side front seams. I really like it and I'm debating duplicating just the skirt portion; I am in need of new skirts anyway. I'm not a fan of the mustard color, but the waist detail on this dress I found intriguing, and I thought the dress as a whole kind of nice.

These three coats are all somewhat similar: a "classic, double-breasted redingote", a green wool coat with fur collar, and a "princess coat" with a large flat collar. I have a coat planned already, and only the back is the part of the design I want to keep, so I could certainly flare the skirt out more, and add some of the front details like the large collars and the pockets.

I think I'm just a sucker for a nicely fitted waist.

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