Saturday, May 31, 2008

I don't like red, but ...

Every now and then I come across a knitwear that I actually like. As in a sweater type knitwear, as opposed to just a stretchy fabric.

So I've been working my way through Suzi's list of sewing blogs, and I was getting a bit discouraged since there were a lot of crafty, quilting, knitting blogs, but I eventually found my way to a few more clothes sewing oriented blogs. And occasionally some of these blogs have a few interesting clothing pictures regardless of the usual content. In any case, I came across Bari J.'s blog, which had a post (nice bags, if you're into bags) and an image of the cover of Belle Armoire. Evidently I should keep an eye on magazines, because I think this top is cute.

So, I went and looked up the magazine to see if it had anything else good, and I found an even better knit top.

There's a close up of the upper half of the top in the table of contents of the May-June issue. I may have to find myself a copy to see if the magazine actually says anything useful about those two items. On the other hand, I still have a sweater that is missing its sleeves, and I've been 'working on it' for over two years now.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Imagining Fabrics

I've got a backlog of images from the past few months, that I will entirely forget now that I actually have a place to comment and link to them from.

Instead, onwards. Indiamos has flickr set of published illustrations, A Daily Hint From Paris. (Found by way of A Dress A Day). I saw this dress, and started imagining fabric changes ...

... like the top shoulder/collar portion in a flesh-tone net with princess lace, or perhaps a pale colored chiffon with appliqué/embroidery. And that underskirt matching, with the big bold design (I'm still seeing something like princess lace). Although, perhaps without the slit so high. The edging above the bust in a dark blue-green velvet, and the rest of the gown in a deep blue satin. Or something; I'm still working on the colors.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from the 1940s

This probably belongs under the category of things-that-won't-look-good-on-me. I am, however, entranced by the back of this dress. With something closer to tails, of course, than the bow that's on it.

Luckily I can't think of any current dress in the project list to stick that back on, because I can just imagine the sunburn I would get (and the horrible swimsuit strap lines that would show).

The dress that started this all.

So I've had this somewhat recent obsession with tails. Taken to the extreme is Falsetto's outfit from Eternal Sonata (which I totally want, even if I would look ridiculous in it).

And, well, I came across this 1882 dress while browsing Antique Dress

This was in essence my Dress-Of-The-Day. Then in the process of researching victorian era dresses and figuring out where the seam lines are, I decided that I really liked the victorian era styles (probably because they actually have a waist), and I wanted more dresses to muse over and add to my infinite project list. In any case, duplicating this dress is now about two or three down on my project list, in pale green chinese brocade with either dark green or lavender accents (probably dark green).