Friday, May 30, 2008

Imagining Fabrics

I've got a backlog of images from the past few months, that I will entirely forget now that I actually have a place to comment and link to them from.

Instead, onwards. Indiamos has flickr set of published illustrations, A Daily Hint From Paris. (Found by way of A Dress A Day). I saw this dress, and started imagining fabric changes ...

... like the top shoulder/collar portion in a flesh-tone net with princess lace, or perhaps a pale colored chiffon with appliqué/embroidery. And that underskirt matching, with the big bold design (I'm still seeing something like princess lace). Although, perhaps without the slit so high. The edging above the bust in a dark blue-green velvet, and the rest of the gown in a deep blue satin. Or something; I'm still working on the colors.

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