Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm shamelessly stealing Erin's Friday title from A Dress A Day. I've browsed my way through the top 60 blogs listed in Suzi's blog list, that I mentioned in my last post. So I've come across some number of items, or parts of items, none of which really warrant their own post. So I'm lumping them all together.

First, Erin linked to an older guest post that discusses body shape and what to wear (along with how to imitate a different body shape). The interesting tidbit was that commercial RTW assumes an 8in difference between waist and hips. The hourglass figure has at least a 10in difference, and shoulders as wide as hips (based on looking in a mirror). So I am reminded that I am an hourglass (my hip waist difference varies between 10 and 12in). That would also explain why every time I tried to buy pants they were always 2in too large in the waist if the hips fit.

Adriana, of The Princess Seam, discusses waistcoats. A recent Burda WOF (2/2008) has a waistcoat pattern: 116A and 116B. Cidell of Miss Celie's Pants has created this waistcoat in black. Oddly enough I was more interested in the pattern when all I saw was a scaled down image. The dithering of the red and white stripes somehow makes it look kind of lacy, almost like it was partially knitted with cabling or some lacy pattern. This is the kind of pattern where it'd be interesting to see how everyone makes it unique. I'd make the shoulder ruffles out of organza, make the bottom edge larger and move it up on the side seam so it joins at (or near) my true waist, possibly insert a peeking lace trim along that lower seam (and if not, do something interesting with the pockets), and maybe make the collar a little wider and out of some organza and lace combination. Color wise, I'd probably go with a pale gray or greenish-gray matte fabric.

Phyllis, of The Sewing Divas, shows a side-by-side example of a stylized pattern illustration and the resulting dress. It's a good example because I found the illustration intriguing, but the actual dress not so interesting.

Next, the parts of items I found interesting. Debbie, of Stiches and Seams, mentions a pair of capri pants she's working on, and I have to agree that this pocket looks like fun. Or rather, I like the fan pintuck design.

Bonzie, of Independent Fashion Label, shows off a summer dress. I like the flowers going up along one side of neck (see here), but personally I don't care much for the large lump of flowers not quite center front. I'm still hoping that at some point I can experiment with silk ribbon embroidery and ribbon flowers to add a dainty bit of uniqueness to a few of the garments I make.

Cidell shows some of her favorites from Mrs. Stylebook. I like the asymmetry of the front design on this blouse, and I also like the sleeves. I'd probably have the front design come down from the shoulder design rather than up from the armpit, however.

I like the sleeve detail on this shirt. (Found by way of this post.)

This post by La Carmina has some interesting underwear; unfortunately they're supposedly for men (I find this odd, but to each their own desires). The idea of pintucking and lace with a few bows, however, seems like some nice decoration for underwear.

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