Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Edging Pattern For a Hat

A couple months back I decided to make my mom a hat after finding a really lovely silk yarn (Louisa Harding Mulberry in 21/Claret). I started by looking through a number of hat patterns on Ravelry. I particularly liked For Joana by Agata Smektala, but my mom wanted a little more ruffle along the bottom edge. So I thought of doing something like the leaf edging along the bottom of this Greenleaf Cap by Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth, but perhaps using the Double Rose Leaf pattern. So I did a test swatch of half of the pattern with a faggoting stitch like edge as found in some of the edging patterns from Jackson's Practical Companion to the Worktable (for example, the pattern on pg 103).

The swatch and corresponding chart:

The green stitches in the chart highlight the leaf motif, and the blue stitches on the right indicate short-rows used for forming the curve.

I decided that the leaf pattern didn't curve and ruffle well. Also, it would be too wide with the hat yarn. So I decided to look for another edging pattern. Unfortunately many of the edging patterns are meant for a fine yarn, and thus have a large number of stitches across, whereas the yarn I am using for the hat is a bit more bulky. I came across an edging pattern in Lambert's "My Knitting Book, Second Series" on page 116 that started with 8 stitches across. Here is the pattern charted out (note that row 8 should say "bind off 3" instead of "slip 3" in the original directions, followed by knit 5 instead of 4), and the beginning of a swatch:

After about three repeats of the pattern I decided what I really wanted was something more of a scallop ruffle, so I fiddled with decreasing in some slightly symmetric way to the first 7 rows, and making the pattern arc by using short-rows (only going all the way to the end on alternating even rows). Progression of the swatch:

Eventually this is what I settled on:
And here is the corresponding chart:

Symbol key for the charts in this post:

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