Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jackson's Practical Companion, Page 103

I continued swatching some of the edging patterns in The Practical Companion to the Work Table, by Elizabeth Jackson. Following is the sample and corresponding charts for the Open Lace Pattern, on page 103.

As with the prior lace pattern, the instructions were written for a garter stitch lace. I concluded after knitting both the version as written and the modified version in stockinette style, that I actually preferred the garter stitch version for this particular edging.

The original instructions are missing a single knit stitch at the end of row 8. Here is a chart of the pattern, with the correction marked in orange:

And here is the modified version, with the even rows purled instead of knitted:
These charts use the same key as in the prior post.

For my test swatch, the first two points (on the right) were knit in the garter stitch lace, and the second two (on the left) were knit stockinette style.

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