Monday, July 21, 2008

Steampunk triceratops

While browsing one of the LiveJournal steampunk communities a while back. Actually, a long while back. I came across a post by Suzanne showing a drawing she'd made of a steampunk triceratops. That drawing is what caused me to spend more time looking into steampunk fashion. Although I fairly quickly came to realize that I'm more interested in the elegant formal wear side, while most of the genre seems to fall toward explorers, engineers, and mad scientists, some of the fashions are still interesting. I plan to post, eventually, about steampunk, but for now I wanted to share the awesome triceratops.

One of the items I liked in the drawing was the scalloped gaiters. I'm not a fan of the gaiter portion, but I liked the scallops going up the sides. So I went looking for pictures of Victorian shoes, and came across The Bata Shoe Museum and All About Shoes.

Two boots: an English button boot (with the scallops) from 1885-1892, and a French boot by Melies from 1880-1885. While I'm a fan of the scallops, I love the embroidery detail on the second pair of shoes. The best part about the 'All About Shoes' site is that you can zoom in on a high resolution photo and really see the detail. Also, conveniently enough, Your Wardrobe Unlocked has a shoe recovering masterclass. So maybe there's some chance that I can make myself a pair of embroidered scalloped boots.

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