Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inspiration Scrapbooks

Outi Pyy of Outsapop Trashion posted about her inspiration scrapbooks. Occasionally I make an attempt to gather inspiring images, and then the project gets pushed to the side in favor of other and newer ideas. While I draw designs in a notebook (and it took a while before I stopped drawing on random scrap pieces of paper), my recent image collection method has been to save images and webpages to my computer's hard drive. That approach results in poor browsing and a complete lack of organization (other than to dump all dress photos into the dress folder), although it does help minimize the physical stuff I collect. I have dreams of getting a tablet laptop, and moving all my designs to digital format, and for the inspiration part, annotating directly on images (say circling the portions I found interesting). I haven't managed to justify the cost yet, however.

What really caught my eye with Outi's scrapbooks, is this page, with all the lace work. I'm still on a lace craze. The two pieces that really caught my eye were the doily dress on the left by Gautier and the coat at the bottom center by Balenciaga. What makes her pages stand out is how she organizes pages (and notebooks) thematically. This blog is in someways my equivalent, but definitely less organized, and I like the thematic collage idea. In any case, she's inspired me, and I think I'll give the themed scrapbook idea a try. Sometime in the near future. Perhaps I'll start with a jacket embellishment theme.

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