Monday, July 14, 2008


Mary Corbet, of Needle 'n Thread, had a post recently about Alison Cole and her goldwork embroidery. Alison sells goldwork kits, among other supplies and kits, and I though the design on this evening bag was amazing (on this page of the kits). She also has a beginner's, give-it-a-try, kit Rosebud (it's at the bottom of the page). Unfortunately she's in Australia. I'm still tempted, because I can't seem to find any small kits in the U.S. for a reasonable price.

In the process of searching for a more local place to buy from, I found Berlin Embroidery (which is Canadian). They had some lovely whitework kits (they're at the bottom). I'm thinking this whitework magnolia design would be gorgeous as a pocket on a blouse, or perhaps over the collar bone on a chemise.

I seem to keep adding projects to my list of things to try...

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