Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 - The Beginning

Well, I signed up to go to Costume College again this year, but I was less ambitious this year, and only had one planned outfit (that still failed to get made). This year, however, I got distracted with Spoonflower.

My fabric design journey started when Spoonflower held a tessellation contest, as one of their weekly contests back in April. Well, I remember making tessellations back in junior high school, and I also remember it being fun then. Back then, it was somewhat annoying to get all the edges exactly duplicated, but I figured the computers would be great for that part now. So I learned about cloning in Inkscape. And since I had recently been to Hawaii for a computer science/bioinformatics conference, and seen some sea turtles while travelling around Oahu, I figured I would use them as the basis for my design.

So I complete by design in time for the contest and submitted it. Link to my design on Spoonflower. I managed to come in 15th out of 60 entries, with 289 votes. Since it was my first fabric design ever, I figured that's pretty decent. Of course, I had to get it printed out as well, I was so excited about "my-first-fabric-design". (The lighting was a bit uneven in the picture, my curtains kept blowing around and I put the fabric on an uneven surface.)

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