Monday, September 8, 2008

Another link collection ...

This is primarily an effort to clear out some the things I've bookmarked and saved. First, Outi Pyy has several posts on steampunk fashion on her blog, Outsapop Trashion: Steampunk Inspiration and Steampunk Fashion. Also, I think this half a bustle skirt and ruffled vest is kind of cute.

From the 2008 Anime Expo, La Carmina has a post containing a few costume images, one of which is a really strange frog-dragon combo (as best I can tell), and another of which is a steampunk lolita look. While I wouldn't think I'd like the short skirt, steampunk explorer look, the outfit comes off really well.

Blakopal on LJ is (was) working on a steampunk jacket. Its a short jacket, bust length, but it goes really nicely with her corset.

Pamela of Needle Tatting and Other Stuff, has some really lovely tatted necklaces, masks, and other items. She also held a 'Tatting is not a lost art' contest not too far back; all the entries can be found in the flickr photostream, Tatting Challenge. Relevant to this post are a few of the entries: a classy mini hat by Joie Reed, a necklace timepiece by Madelyn Smoak (MadArtJewelery), and a hair stick by Brettney Perr. The timepiece and the hair stick came in third in the contest. The hair stick is probably one of my favorites, but I also really like the hat.

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