Monday, August 25, 2008

Charted Victorian Knitted Lace, Part II

I've finished my "chemise trimming" cuffs that I first mentioned here and then later in this post. From The Young Ladies' Journal, Complete Guide to the Work-table (1885), this is the image of the complete trimming set,

So I started by charting out the written pattern instructions,

This turns out to be a garter stitch type lace. I got through the pattern once, then decided I didn't really care for the garter stitch look. At least, not in size 10 cotton crochet thread. Here's the test swatch, in garter stitch.

So I revised the pattern to a stockinette stitch lace. I also adjusted where the center motif falls, so that I wouldn't have an extra row of plain stitch every 15 rows.

Since the pattern repeats every 15 rows, which is an odd number, the second time through the pattern all the knit rows are switched to purl rows and all the purl rows switched to knit rows. Here's second chart with the knit and purl rows swapped.

I ended up doing 10 repeats of the pattern: five times through the first chart, and five times through the second chart, alternating between the two. I hadn't quite realized that my purl side decreases weren't angling the way I intended; the trim with the stitch marker is the second cuff, with the decreases angled correctly (for the last 7 of the motifs).

This gives me some ruffled wrist cuffs. I don't yet have anything to put them on, but I'm sure I'll find something at some point.

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